Letter from Dr. Cepero

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our practice! I would like to share with you a new model of patient care that our practice began on January 2nd, 2020. This model allows for me to physically see more patients, as well as to oversee more closely the work of our Extended Providers. To be able to accomplish this, I do not have a schedule of my own. Instead, all patients are scheduled with the APRN or the PA, who will see the patients first.

I am not able to physically see every patient that comes to the office every day. However, I make sure that I can see the ones that need it the most, especially the ones that are more acutely ill, have complicated medical conditions, all newborns, all new patients and even our established patients that are healthy, but that I just have not been able to see in a while. Every day after all patients are seen, I review the visit notes. Occasionally when I did not see the patient that day, I make sure I see them for the follow up. Sometimes I may call parents and add something else to the plan. Even if I do not see your child at a visit, I still know that they came in and what the plan for the visit was. This gives me the opportunity to supervise the visit in another way. I perform all circumcisions and most procedures. This model also makes me more available to the Extended Providers when they need me to oversee the patient, when they need my recommendation or when they need me to do or help them with a procedure. This also helps with the flow of the schedule, so that the wait times are reduced as well.

I want to reassure all parents that this is innovative and different, but at the same time, it improves the quality of care that makes our practice more unique. I want to make sure that I can get involved in the care of more of my patients and not to be tied to a busy schedule of just a few patients and a lot of computer work. This also help me have more control and supervision of the practice. Please feel free to ask any questions and give us your opinion.

Best Regards,

Dr. Cepero